Wilderness Experience Omega 20

Wilderness Experience Omega 20

Wilderness Experience have been making the best backpacks in Japan since the 1970s. By the 1980s the product line included backpacks, sleeping bags, tents and apparel. Wilderness Experience® was the first Outdoor company to complete a public stock offering and was listed on the NASDAQ.


In 1983. Japanese company Sanshin-Seishoku Co.Ltd acquiring Wilderness Experience. Then move their manufacturing line to Japan. So all of the Wilderness Experience products are made in Japan nowadays.


- Size: 62 x 28 x 14 cm

- Material: 500DN Cordura Nylon

- Weight: 1200g

- Volume: 20L

- Made in Japan

    HK$2,070.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,449.00Sale Price