TYPE 17 - 1964

TYPE 17 - 1964

SKU: HS576V03
MATERIAL : Acetate and Titanium CoreSIZE : 50 - 22 - 145


    From the vision of Mr. Hally in '50s to todays’ innovative designs, the passage is really short. The Hally & Son Titanium Core family is launched; a specific brand line comprising new frames, precious, comfortable and extremely durable, thanks to the titanium soul.


    This specific material, inserted in the temples, allows a extraordinary lightness and high mechanical performance.  Thus the eyewear Hally & Son becomes ultra-thin.  The cellulose acetate frames, made using a patented process, and the extreme lightness of the titanium, allow the creation of glasses featuring of refinement and sublime aesthetic.


    Retro-looking models, born from a continuing focus on innovation of product and process.

    These innovations are able to make possible the creation of forms and slim profiles for a timeless elegance, in which the soul of titanium is made visible by the play of transparency created by the usage of acetate.

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