JAPAN BLUE JEANS CIRCLE Straight 14.8oz American Cotton Selvedge Jeans

JAPAN BLUE JEANS CIRCLE Straight 14.8oz American Cotton Selvedge Jeans

The new jeans line "CIRCLE" of JAPAN BLUE JEANS, which is highly evaluated by buyers and overseas. "Curve belt" that draws a curve = one of the origins of the name CIRCLE.
They have renewed the pattern that used to be a straight belt and changed it to a "curve belt" to pursue a fit around the waist. New jeans that make it easier to wear "genuine denim" that is domestically produced and uncompromising, and that fits into any lifestyle.
The four silhouettes connected by curves form a circle, and they will make the products that Made in Kojima is proud of.


14.8oz American cotton selvedge

Uses cotton from Texas, USA to make a rough and rugged fabric. By spinning this American cotton slightly stronger, the strength is further increased and the shape of the unevenness is made a little more intense. By pushing the thread to the limit, they have created a "thread for jeans" that maintains its hardness even when it is pierced.Denim in pursuit of hardnessContrast color fadingRed ear (Selvage)


Straight Cutting

A straight model with a plain silhouette that stretches straight.
The point is to gently taper from the thighs to the hem and squeeze the hem a little to make the legs look neat. The moderately slender design is highly evaluated from overseas and can be used habitually for a long time.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
    HK$1,270.00 Regular Price
    HK$1,016.00Sale Price

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