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MWC Hong Kong Limited Edition

The Vietnam Watches are virtually identical in appearance to the watches used by American troops in the Vietnam war during the 1960s and 1970s.

We manufactured the plastic Vietnam watches for many years which were based on the original Vietnam models. The actual US Military Issue models were made of plastic because they were deemed disposable and of course the problem with making our own Vietnam watches in plastic is they were in effect very basic just like the originals.

2017 we decided to completely rethink the watch and whilst keeping the original appearance with contemporary color combination, weight and feel exclusive for Hong Kong. We switched to all metal construction which means that although the watch looks very close to the originals it is vastly superior in both durability and general quality.

Vietnam Watches Hong Kong Edition

越戰香港獨家限量版,歐美日都冇. 香港獨家.

- 越戰款配fashion color

- 配黑及橙色NATO及US pattern表帶

- 3個bar防水

- 日本機芯

- 12/24表面

- Super Luminova夜光

- $590

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